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[APD] Native plant ID

I picked a sprig of plant out of the Boise River today and brought it  home.  
Of course plants don't respond to bad conditions as fast as  critters, so I'm 
wondering about the plant's id and likelyhood of sirvival in a  tropical tank.
I decided to the government key, so dug through the list archives, found  the 
referenc, went to Lucidcentral and tried to download the sample version of  
the reader.  It told me I had to register as a member first.   THen it said I 
had to have a confirmation code from the registration  confirmation email 
before I could sign on as a member and download the lucent  reader.  So here I sit, 
waiting to get the code to do the download so I can  try to identify this 
interesting plant.
Meanwhile, maybe you folks can help with an ID.  This is probably an  Idaho 
native, in water rarely rising into the 60's farenhiet.  It is a stem  plant, 
with single leaves organized in alternating opposition (one on the left  side 
followed by one on the right side) and what appears to be branching  starting 
at the base of each leaf.  The leaves are a little under two  inches (5cm) 
long, about 3/8 in (1 cm) wide,  attached without stems and  "crinkled".  There is 
a reddish tint near the edges.
Any ideas/helpful information?  

Bob  Dixon
º º º º o 

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