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[APD] Re: Eheim Aqua Fluid Liquidoser

I've been using them for over a year now and use Flourish and many other
liquid ferts without a problem. If you measure an individual dose then yes,
it doesn't seem very accurate or consistant, however if you calculate what's
being used each week you discover that it is very consistant. It does need a
minute or two between doses, if you just press the dose button repeatedly
the dose is not consistant as it takes a little time for the liquid to fill
the dosing chamber back up. When used normally, each dose is close to 1ml,
it can be set to 4 single or double doses per day, allowing up to a max of 8
doses a day. It's a great product in my opinion, can be a little tricky to
find the right spot for it in some tanks. Obviously as someone else pointed
out, an IV pump would be perfect for the job and has far more flexibility in
both capacity and amount of liquids to dose each day.

Hope that helps
Giancarlo Podio

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I found that it only works well with the liquid that comes with it. Which is
very thick and apparently has a viscosity to exactly fit the mechanical
movement. Thinner liquids like PMDD don't pour out in a reliable way.

I also tried the fish feeder with all the little grey cups. It worked until
a little fertilizer spilled and got into the mechanism. Now I just premix
all the powders that go into PMDD in a ratio so that I can use a single
measuring spoon to dose them all at once, with one hand! Missing a day or
two doesn't have enough effect to worry about, IMO.


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