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[APD] RE: Eheim Aqua Fluid Liquidoser

>I am a very lazy fish keeper.  I have always failed to dose consistently.
So I have decided to get a doser.
>Eheim is the only electronic doser fits into my budget ($50).  Does anyone
know any other brand that's under $100?

I bought a used IV pump on ebay for $40.  You can set it to very
consistently and continuously dose from ~1ml-100ml/hour.  I say ~ because it
depends on the inner diameter of your tubing.  Once you get it calibrated,
mix your ferts according to the calibration, and you can very easily vary
the dosage as often as you want.  The pump also has built in battery backup
for what its worth...  Features and volume dependant on model, but Its worth
a try, and it hasn't failed once in the years I've been running it.

Listmom, Any chance of the list accepting digital signatures?  Mine keeps
bouncing...  It would almost be a good thing to require them, since it would
eliminate the garbage sent to the list by virii and worms.

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