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[APD] Re: off topic, well sort of

Brian writes:
> Forgive me for being off topic here, but the way you guys talk about  
> your wives horrifies me.  You portray them as jealous,  self-centered, 
> domineering, and berating.  You aren't serious, are  you?  When my wife 
> and I are home from work, she watches Dr. Phil,  I stare at my tank, and 
> we blow each other kisses during  commercials.  5+ years and going strong.

When I met my now-ex-wife, I had 52 tanks with killies, angels, dwarf  
cichlids, and plants galore.  By the time we got married 18 months later,  she had 
42 and I had 10.  She  just kept carrying off my tanks for her  own projects.  
Two days after we were married, and the tanks re-united, she  stopped feeding 
them, and told me I should just "take over".  On day 7, she  announced "You 
love those fish more than me."  In the middle of our second  year, I drained 
every tank down to where I could carry it, and tossed everything  into a near-by 
dumpster, just to get her off my back.  Everything.   Stands, racks, tanks, 
fish, heaters, lights, filters, buckets, and nets.   Test kits, Start right, 
gravel- you name it.  It was gone.
And yes, I am serious.  As a heart attack. And yes, she was all those  
things, for 11 years, until she finally left me for every drunk in Brevard  County, 
Florida.  Funny how until the day I put that ring through my  nose.... I mean- 
on her finger, she was the perfect companion.   Attentive, sharing, 
supportive, kind, and easy-going.  I didn't  change.  I kept buying her more flowers 
after we were married than  before.  More attention, more birthdays remembered, 
more tolerance toward  her mother- oh, yeah, I guess I did change, but I would 
think that was for the  better.

Bob  Dixon
º º º º o 

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