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> So there is it folks... I'm America's #1 general public enemy.  100%
> assumption, perception, and media hated.

> But hey, I'm happy, I take care of my family, and my fish and plants
> are growing well.

The People for the Ethical Treatment of Plants(PETP) will take away your
plants after I make the call.
I've now risen the ranks of Plant enforcement(The Tominator) and carry a
large pair of pruning shears to use on "evil doers", but we don't call it
torture. We call it "pruning" the dead wood. Removing the scum covered
parts of plant society. My policy is one of pre emptive strikes. Don't let
the plants become deficent to begin with. Any signs of reefer growing
"hippycrites" or bomb making model rocket building will be sent to
Plantomano Bay. Like in the movie the Minority Report, go on the offensive
before algae and decay appears. We will judge you on our "possibly
credibile non specific" information (which is classified and you can't
look) on your "potential" and even just the "intent" to cause algae and
deficiencies.You are either with us or against us. Do not worry about your
Constitution, it's for your own protection and freedom.  

 The Onion is one of my favorite news sources. Any news source named after
a plant _has_ to be good. I wonder if I can get an interview on the Daily
Dosing Show?   
I cannot handle real news, I need fake news. At least they admit they are
lying and trying to entertain me.

Tom Barr

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