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Re: [APD] Re: amonium chloride and CO2


I have run my CO2 levels very high in my high light tank - well above the 35 that seemed to stress your fish. Maybe something else is going on? What was your pH when the CO2 was that high? Is your KH high enough (>3 dGH) to keep your pH from crashing?

If you're wanting to add N, you might want to try KNO3 rather than ammonium chloride.

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  I should very much like to be able to add some amonium chloride to my tank 
  and raise my CO2 to mmmmm say 30 mg/l.  Unfortunately, my fish doesn't seem to 
  appreciate it very much.  CO2 is a fish anesthetic.  This morning my fish was 
  doped when I let the CO2 get too high (35+ mg/l.)  So I guess it's back to my 
  old strategy of keeping my CO2 around 15 mg/l.

  It's tempting to isolate the fish just to see though.  I don't need no 
  stinking fish telling me how to grow my plants.  But of course, if algae started to 
  grow I would be begging the SAEs, Ottos and others to help me get rid of it.  
  -Sincerely, George

  >What does ammonium chloride have to do with CO2?  -Rachel

  I didn't mean to imply that there is a relationship between amonium chloride 
  and CO2.  I'm saying there is a relationship between excessive levels of 
  amonia, CO2 or anything else and fish distress or death which constrains me from 
  seeing how fast my plants might grow.  -George

  >A month or two ago I wondered on the list whether there was a relationship 
  between >the short lifespan of fish in some of my tanks & Flourish Excel. I 
  have since >stopped using the Excel (I switched to the Hagen Plant-Gro CO2 
  Natural system; >what a fun product!), and have not lost any fish since that time. 
  In one tank, all the >fish were new types, but in the other it was the same old 
  tiger barbs which >previously had died after 2-3 weeks in the tank.I am still 
  wondering if anyone else >has seen this relationship?  -Rachel

  There are only four references to amonium chloride that I could find in the 

  Respectfully, George
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