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[APD] Re: amonium chloride and CO2

I should very much like to be able to add some amonium chloride to my tank 
and raise my CO2 to mmmmm say 30 mg/l.  Unfortunately, my fish doesn't seem to 
appreciate it very much.  CO2 is a fish anesthetic.  This morning my fish was 
doped when I let the CO2 get too high (35+ mg/l.)  So I guess it's back to my 
old strategy of keeping my CO2 around 15 mg/l.

It's tempting to isolate the fish just to see though.  I don't need no 
stinking fish telling me how to grow my plants.  But of course, if algae started to 
grow I would be begging the SAEs, Ottos and others to help me get rid of it.  
-Sincerely, George

>What does ammonium chloride have to do with CO2?  -Rachel

I didn't mean to imply that there is a relationship between amonium chloride 
and CO2.  I'm saying there is a relationship between excessive levels of 
amonia, CO2 or anything else and fish distress or death which constrains me from 
seeing how fast my plants might grow.  -George

>A month or two ago I wondered on the list whether there was a relationship 
between >the short lifespan of fish in some of my tanks & Flourish Excel. I 
have since >stopped using the Excel (I switched to the Hagen Plant-Gro CO2 
Natural system; >what a fun product!), and have not lost any fish since that time. 
In one tank, all the >fish were new types, but in the other it was the same old 
tiger barbs which >previously had died after 2-3 weeks in the tank.I am still 
wondering if anyone else >has seen this relationship?  -Rachel

There are only four references to amonium chloride that I could find in the 

Respectfully, George
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