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[APD] Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 11, Issue 34

And I smoke dem funny cigarettes too as well as all of the below statements

Tom, I think you are on the right track with the 1984 reference. So, the author was 30 years off. Seriously there are cameras in stadiums, on street corners, in businesses. Children are being told to tell on their parents and to get their parents to stop bad habits. Systems are being put in place to have people help find those accused of crimes. If that a person is innocent, it matter not, as their reputation is already destroyed. I find it appauling the ammount of suspecion and assumption that is going around. I don't think the media outlets are helping any. You are VERY correct on inconsistancies. When KNO3 is regulated, but I can get HCL or fuels much easier is crazy. I could drive around town buying up propane tanks and then put them in a van, but I can't buy a pound of KNO3 in a store for my fish tanks or my hot pepper plants. I also happen to be reader of 2600 (Hacker Quarterly) and had an a story about myself published in there by a friend. Similar issues of suspecion and assumptions are addressed there as well. "Hacking" in it's TRUE sense, has almost nothing to do with the public "understanding". <rant> Under public scrutinity I must be a total anarachist: I buy nitrate products and other (gasps) CHEMICALS (NO! not the CHEMICALS), I read 2600, I can read "leet speak", I know something about computers and physical security, I smoke cigars, I've read the Necronoicron, Anarchists Cookbook, and 1984, I eat steak and drink beer, I believe in spanking a child and parenting, I believe the father generally should be the head of the household, I am a Christian, I have an FBI file, I understand how our government truely fuctions, I like to look into the real information on history (versus the fairlytale version that is spoon fed to us), I dispise the medical and insurance industries as a general rule, I think perscription "designer" drugs are worse than natural remedies, I enjoy rock music that's occasionally loud, I think rave (House) music is a good time, I think there are too many people on the earth doing to much damage (as we've forgotten to live with the land), I enjoy a dirty joke now and again, I think people should try to be more honest and less selfish, I think people need to mind their own buisness more, ohh.. and I like to drive fast. So there is it folks... I'm America's #1 general public enemy. 100% assumption, perception, and media hated. But hey, I'm happy, I take care of my family, and my fish and plants are growing well. </rant> On Mon, 12 Jul 2004 20:16:23 -0700, Rik Vandiver <mrriketts at ispwest_com> wrote:

RIGHT ON !!! That's what I meant to say


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