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[APD] RE: off topic, well sort of:-)

> Forgive me for being off topic here, but the way you guys talk about 
> your wives horrifies me.  You portray them as jealous, self-centered, 
> domineering, and berating.  You aren't serious, are you?  When my wife 
> and I are home from work, she watches Dr. Phil, I stare at my tank, and 
> we blow each other kisses during commercials.  5+ years and going strong.

5+ years??? Man, you're still on your honeymoon! I didn't have my first
argument til year 8 or 9. Incompatibilities and resentments don't grow
overnight - be patient, man, and give it some time. One of these days you'll
be tired and distracted ("oh my god, is the barclaya longifolia flowering?")
and miss your first commercial kiss, or you'll resent her spending all of
her vacations traveling to see Dr. Phil live, or there will be a big
disagreement over buying a 6-foot tank vs. a 6-foot TV, and then <<BOOM>>,
before you know it you're sleeping on the couch next to the tank and she's
writing Dr. Phil flirty emails.

It can happen.

[insert grin of choice here]

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