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[APD] RE: RE: 370 A vs 300G

Brian wrote:
> Forgive me for being off topic here, but the way you
> guys talk about your wives horrifies me.  

I think Women out number us men in our Eastern Iowa 
Aquarium Association.  And I know in our house, that
my wife has more aquariums than I do.  (of course, the
started off as mine.  My wife first took over my
35 gallon hexagon, converting it into Cichlid tank.
She then took over my 55 gallon, converting my nice
peaceful passive community tank into an African cichlid
tank.  And after this spring EIAA Fish Auction, she came
home with a breeding pair of Yellow Leleupi which of course
we had to stop by the fish store and pick up another 
tank just for them <GRIN>).  

Of course, I can't complain, when she took over my last
aquarium, she told me I could go buy my dream aquarium,
so I now have a beautiful 180 gallon aquarium in my

Just so we get back on topic ... it is 24" deep and 
24" tall, so pruning or planting anything in the back
is done off of a two step ladder in a sleeve-less 
T-Shirt.  Although I love my 180 gallon tank, I would
probably opt for a 125 gallon if I were to do it over
again because of the maintenance challenges due to the


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