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[APD] RE: off topic, well sort of:-)

> Forgive me for being off topic here, but the way you guys talk about 
> your wives horrifies me.  You portray them as jealous, self-centered, 
> domineering, and berating.  You aren't serious, are you?  When my wife 
> and I are home from work, she watches Dr. Phil, I stare at my tank, and 
> we blow each other kisses during commercials.  5+ years and going strong.
> Brian

Plenty of women own plant tanks. 

Many often joke about their spouse's here concerning this hobby. They
obviously love them very much. This guy does.So do the womern that joke
about their
hubbies allowing them one more plant tank. I've heard the same from the
gals also. This is not something unique to a particular sex or sexual
I recall one poor schlep : "She left me for a tank full of
Glossostigma...........whahhhaa, ahahaha........" 
I looked at him with a rather small tinge of pity, then replied........"if
you did not fertilize the relationship, how did you expect her to grow on

Men are equally jealous if not more so(Don't you look at my hairgrass!),
self centered(maybe it's just me) berating(Die duckweed! Die!) and
domineering(You will grow NOW!!) Relationships can go both ways, some men
watch Dr Phil while the wife prunes the Gloss. 

My point was/is to be considerate to your mate and judicious, bringing them
flowers or some treat each week. Get those goodies points with your mate if
they are balking at the dream tank. If blowing kisses work, do that. If
real kisses work, do that, if flowers, love notes stuck in their car to
find in the morning before they leave for work, earrings, navel rings, take
out dinner when they are not expecting it(have rice/Sushi, everyone fav
aquatic plant), a plant poem works...

Maybe in 20 years I shall see
I will watch Dr Phil
And she will prune R. wallichii

But if you doubt flowers will help
Stop growing FW plants
And instead try Kelp

Not every spouse is going to say, "sure honey, I think 3-4000$, 100$ extra
electric a month and a 8x3x2" monster tank in our house is okay with me."
with no conflict. It's not just a woman or a guy thing, it's a spouse
thing. They live there too and share finances. This is not a 10 gal tank. 
They have to live with this mosterous tank and all it's issues.Every
relationship has compromises and deals to strike, but working win win
solutions will help everyone and ease the spouse's worries. Thinking ahead
to reduce conflict, potential issues and being a good person to them is not
bad advice for the tank.
Tom Barr

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