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[APD] Re: 370 A vs 300 G -- or tanks for the marital advice

> The finished exterior design of the tank is very important, the wife will
> harp on you if that looks bad or if you make a mess after each water
> change/pruning, come out with your head wet, have the tank turn into an
> algae farm etc. If she sees a lot of energy on your part being done to the
> tank, she will become jealous:-)
> So the easy water changes, low noise, easy cleaning access, dosing etc
> minimize this.
> In general, I don't talk about the hobby much to them or try to drag them
> to pet shops(very bad idea). Let them have their decisional say as far as
> placement and exterior designs, but you need to make it easy for you to
> work on and maintain. When your partner is around, you better pay
> to them, when you are alone, work on the tank and do it fast:) Flowers or
> gifts/love notes on water change day ain't bad either. Then if you spent
> more time than they think you should on it, you have still found time to
> nice and thoughtful to them, without making them think you love your tank
> more than them. I promise that will get you in good. You'll have the tank
> and they'll have what they want also. Win-win solution.
> Regards,
> Tom Barr

Oh, my, my, this man is a gem! Truer words were never spoken!

Ann Viverette, who once seriously hated the Red Toyota that was (in many
ways) my husband's mistress

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