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[APD] Hunh? (No Plants Discussed)

Brian says:
> Forgive me for being off topic here, but the way you guys talk about
> your wives horrifies me.  You portray them as jealous, self-centered,
> domineering, and berating.  You aren't serious, are you?  When my wife
> and I are home from work, she watches Dr. Phil, I stare at my tank, and
> we blow each other kisses during commercials.  5+ years and going
> strong.

     You are scaring me man.  I thought that I have been reading all the
emails on this list, but I don't recall JACK about anyone complaining
about their wife!  Am I missing emails or did I just fast forward past
them?  On an positive note, my wife and I will have been married 14 years
next October 6 and the only reason that she doesn't blow kisses to me
during the commercials is that the aquarium is in another room!

Christopher Damour

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