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[APD] Re: The tank I have always wanted

At 16:58 on 21 Jul 2004 Erin held forth, thusly:

> if you ever end up running a medication like malachite
> green or something else that colors the water, it's my
> understanding that it can stain the acrylic. I may be
> wrong as I haven't experienced this myself, but that's
> what a LFS guy once told me. 

I can't say that this could never happen, but in my experience it 
doesn't.  I had a 55g acrylic tank that was all scratched to hell (it 
was free, what can I say?) that served as a hospital tank for a 
while. It was dosed with malachite green repeatedly and never left a 
stain, even in the scratches.

I have had malachite green stain the silicone in the corners of glass 
tanks, but that never bothered me.

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