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[APD] Re: The tank I have always wanted

Dear Mike,

In addition to the many helpful comments others have
offered, with respect to acrylic tanks and staining,
if you ever end up running a medication like malachite
green or something else that colors the water, it's my
understanding that it can stain the acrylic. I may be
wrong as I haven't experienced this myself, but that's
what a LFS guy once told me. 

I also find that even the acrylic-safe algae pads will
scratch-- probably not due to the pad but from small
substrate particles that might lodge themselves in the
pad without you noticing. A scratch is a scratch,
though, and I will soon be demoting my last acrylic
tank to a quarantine. But I can understand the weight
issue for you in a tank that big. 

Hope it helps, and good luck pursuing your dream!


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