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[APD] Re: The tank I have always wanted

At 12:05 PM 7/21/2004 -0400, Mike Smith wrote:
I have recently decided to purchase a 370+ gallon acrylic tank or a 300 gallon all glass

Bill Wichers hit literally every issue I was going to mention to you. So I'll summarize:

If you are a careful person who will never catch a grain of sand when scraping algae, and will never use ammonia on the outside of the tank, consider the acrylic tank. It appears clearer, is significant lighter in weight, and (maybe) has neat curved edges.

If you have children, or a house cleaner, or any other creature who could conceivably rub past your tank with anything rougher than a soft cloth, go with glass. There is nothing more heart breaking than enjoying the tank with your family, then hearing a great scraping sound when a child walks past the tank rubbing the metal button on their coveralls against the front and leaving a massive scratch.

Then again, scratches bother me much more than they bother most people.

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