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[APD] RE: red coloration and N limited tanks

> So, what u guys are saying is in order to get my plants red i should
> keep my nitrate at 5 mg/L but increase the rest of my ferts (right now
> i add 1.25 ml of kno3, .625 ml of k2so4m .01 ml of kh2po4, and 4 ml of
> TMG, 2x per week) and combat the algae i'd get by adding the more
> ferts with bigger water changes?

Well sort of, as far as the nutrients, yes, but the water changes will help
keep the nutrient levels more stable and keep things from running out or
too excessive. 
I do not know what too much PO4, Ca, Mg, Fe, Mn, K+, SO4 etc are in plant
tank terms but they are quite high before inducing algae. 
NO3 seems to be as well near as I can tell in the 5-20ppm range. I've gone
to 75ppm for 3 weeks. 
CO2 is one that cannot be too high due to fish death and also NH4 due to
fish death and algae blooms.
> Will the bigger water changes successfully combat the algae? ever
> since i got rid of my glosso carpet, algae's started growing on my
> Cyperus helferi and it's not pretty.

It'll help for reasons previously mentioned.

> About the 2 discus, i realize it's a tight fit but it was a suprise
> gift, and they seem happy now.

Better plan on different fish or different sized tank.
This will not last and will become more of an issue later.

> Another thing... i've started to become concern about my heating
> setup... right now i use the hydor inline heater to keep my tank at 82
> degrees. Should i be concerned that my substrate is probably colder..


> or would a hotter substrate be too hot for already stressed
> (temperature-wise) plants.

No, but the plants are fine at 82F.Don't mess with it.

> Anyways, totally grateful.. didn't realize that more no3 turns red
> plants green....
> thanks tom and paul

There are other issues as well but this is the main one that will cause
color shifts.
See old post on the APD about this.

Tom Barr

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