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[APD] why aren't my ludwigia Arcuata red? What's wrong with my setup?


I'm having problems with my ludwigia Arcuata. A couple of months ago
they were growing fine and red... but then there was a period where
they were overshadowed by another plant and didn't grow well, but now
for the past month they've been in the light again, but haven't been
growing well and are green.

A little info on my tank:
-21 gallon
-130 watts power compact lighting (7 months old)
-co2: 20-30 ppm via pressurized co2
-ph: 6.7
-temp: 28 celcius/82 F (i have discus)
-water changes: 4 gallons 2x a week
-fertilizers: Macronutrients via hydroponic ferts, 8 ml of TMG a week
-no3: 5-10 mg/l

I'm mostly concerned cause i just got eusteralis stellata and want
those to grow well. I've heard that light and iron help plants turn
red, but i have enough light, and i'm pretty sure there's enough
ferts. I had a glosso carpet a month ago but took it out cause it was
growing too fast. I've tried to lower my ferts since then cause i
started having a small algae problem (didn't have algae b4 with the

Any suggestions?


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