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Re: [APD] Re: Re: Back in the saddle again -- or

>>But it's easy to underestimate the impact of George & Karla
Booth, Tom Barr, Erik Olson's thekrib.com (and "That Darn
Plant Tank"), and Karen Randall's writings in Aquarium
Frontiers as well as Aquarium Fish Magazine, which has a
wider circulation than any books and in each issue her
column was a reminder to tropical fish hobbyists that
plants can be a successful part of any hobbyist's the home
aquarium, whether a genius or just a hobbyist.<<

I don't think I have underestimated anyone. Sure, everyone you have
mentioned has had a big impact, but mostly on the internet.  Karen had a
huge influence on me. It was her column that got me into the hobby, but her
readers are mostly in the USA.  Compare all you have mentioned to Amano's
following. He has taken Europe and Asia by storm. He practicaly has fan
clubs in all of those countries. Even Tropica Plants of Denmark has
aquariums on display at conventions featuring Amano type aquascapes instead
of Dutch style! He is everywhere and anywhere in this world where this hobby
exists.  Amano gave this hobby a huge shot in the arm.  He got so many
people interested in this segment of the hobby and then many of them tuned
to the internet for the education. He gave us the WOW factor. You teach us
how to make it happen.

>>Just to mention a few that have spent so much of their time
helping others without much, if anything, in return. The
hobby is a community of sorts and in a way it's the
membership of the community that makes it all work.
And I the Aquatic Gardeners Association has helped too ;-)<<

Absolutely!  :) It is a great community made up of many diverse people,
different backgrounds, different personalities, but all with one common
interest, one passion. Even us sales guys... it sure ain't for the money!

Robert Hudson
plants replaced up to 90 days

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