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[APD] RE: cables and such

Many thanks for the insight/feedback re cable heating!

Your comments do make good sense and I will install the next planted
aquarium without the cable heating (in any case, it will be a good test
because I can compare to the one that does have it).

Regarding the "richness" of the substrate, I was thinking of the
commercially available substrates that you put under the gravel or mix with
the gravel.

Dennerle's Deponit and Tetra's AquaBasis Plus come to mind.  Those are the
only two I have seen here in lfs'.

Is this type of substrate worth using? Or do you prefer diy (if so, what do
you use?) or nothing but gravel and some fertilizer "sticks" or "balls"?
Keep in mind that the tank will have high light and CO2 injection.

Thanks and regards,


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