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Re: [APD] Re: Re: Back in the saddle again -- or -

Sure. Not taking anything away from Amano. 

But it's easy to underestimate the impact of George & Karla
Booth, Tom Barr, Erik Olson's thekrib.com (and "That Darn
Plant Tank"), and Karen Randall's writings in Aquarium
Frontiers as well as Aquarium Fish Magazine, which has a
wider circulation than any books and in each issue her
column was a reminder to tropical fish hobbyists that
plants can be a successful part of any hobbyist's the home
aquarium, whether a genius or just a hobbyist.

Just to mention a few that have spent so much of their time
helping others without much, if anything, in return. The
hobby is a community of sorts and in a way it's the
membership of the community that makes it all work.

And I the Aquatic Gardeners Association has helped too ;-)

Scott H.

--- Robert H <robertph3 at comcast_net> wrote:
> >>I'm not taking anything away from Amano, who married
> genuis
> in the art of aquascaping with genius in the art of
> photography.<<
> I agree, but his impact was more than that. Since I have
> been in business
> from 1999 to the present, a certain percentage of my
> customers come frrom
> magazine ads and are people who do not even own a
> computer or do not have
> access to the internet, but they have all heard of Amano.
> Amano brought the
> hobby to the masses, all over the world.  He inspired
> people to get into the
> hobby like no one else ever has.  His products did not
> become commercialy
> successfull here, but his books and photos continue to
> inspire new
> hobbyists.

It's the contest that started international competition in aquascaping
planted aquaria! AGA's 2004 Aquascaping Contest is open for entrees:


Novices and experts alike show their skills. Past winners have been
novices and experts, too. You can view all the entrees at The 5th AGA
Annual Convention. Details/Registration at www.aquatic-gardeners.org &
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