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[APD] Moving

Hey everyone,

This is a pretty timely thread for me, as I'm moving
in just over two weeks myself. My two tanks are a 12
and a 20 gal, so I won't have tank breakage to worry
about quite as much with a 90 gal, but I'm moving
about 6 hours away. I was thinking I'd use 5-gal
buckets for water, do the wet newspaper thing for many
of the plants, and bag the fish in large fish store
bags with saturated oxygen. It'll have to be a day
move, but I'm hoping it'll be okay. My only concern is
that the 20 is full of shelldwellers, so the pH is a
bit higher in there (about 8) than the other tank. Any
suggestions as to how I can minimize ammonia issues or
improve my plan? I solicit any and all suggestions.

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