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[APD] RE: Moving need advice

> Subject: [APD] Moving need advice
> To: aquatic-plants at actwin_com
> I kindly request your good advice since it's time for me to pack
> and move to a new house.
> I successfully keep a planted tank. Fish and plants are doing
> great in my 90 Glls. tank with about 1.5 inch of soil and 1 inch
> of gravel. The tank rests on a wood stand. Tank and stand made by
> All Aquarium Glass.
> I need advice and suggestions for the most efficient and least
> disrupting way to move both, the tank and fish.
> Tnanks and Best Regards / Mario

	Here is what I do, I gather up all of the 5 gallon pals or large garbage
cans on wheels that I can.  Then go to the store and purchase some EXTRA
heavy duty garbage bags tall enough to easily clear the biggest container
you have.  insert the bags into the cans, fill the bags with water and then
tie the top of the bag so the water does not splash around and spill, after
you have filled a few containers catch the fish and gently place them into
on of the containers, I usually use a 5 gallon bucket and fill it half way
with water then put air into the bag like at the pet store so it does not
smother the fish.  Since it's a 90 gallon tank you will need several people
for help so you might be able to leave the plants in place otherwise remove
them and place them into a container also.
      When you get to your new house (congrats by the way) simply fill it
back up with the same water that was in it before add the fish, plants,
filters, etc... and you are done. I have moved several tanks in this manner
and have never lost a single fish, so I hope this will help.  Email me if
you have any questions I will try to help more.

Matt W.

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