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Re: [APD] Still need CO2 for semi-aquatic plants?

> Also, does anyone have any good info on semi-aquatic species and their
> needs, etc.?
Many of the aquatic species will grow very well outside of the water in
humid conditions (such as anubias) but if the plant is not going to be
submersed I would go for something from the orchid family as you will get
very nice flowers as well.
Many of the plants from orchidaceae family come from and will grow very well
in swamp like conditions.
Most of the orchids I grow will grow their roots in the air and then down
into the water.
Being one of the largest families you have quite a wide range of choices.
Maybe some natives from Florida Polyrrhiza lindenii  ( a bit difficult to
culture) or something from Asia such as the Phalaenopsis amabilis (near
trivial to grow and flower in a half and half biotype).
Both these plants will flower with relatively low light and love humidity
and warmth.
To mount them simply tie them down to wood or cork.

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