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[APD] The Algae Alternative

I almost burst out laughing when I read the first line in a story in this
morning's Boston Globe: "To owners of aquariums, algae is annoying."  Umm,
yes, and some of us might put it even more strongly.  But the Globe is, of
course, a family newspaper..

Fortunately the story, titled "The Algae Alternative" goes on to say, "But
to inventor Isaac Berzin, algae represents the future of energy."  His
company, GreenFuel Technologies Corp. is running a pilot project atop an
M.I.T. power plant, which takes the CO2 and NOx gases from the effluent of
the plant and pipes them into algae growing reactors.  So, not only does the
process reduce global warming emissions, but the end product is a bonus, an
algae biomass which can be burned like coal and liquefied into an oil, which
can be used to make plastics, food, and nutraceuticals.

You can read much more about it at:


Unfortunately, the online article doesn't include the photos and graphics of
the printed version.  But, it's still worth reading.  Who would have thought
that algae might just save the world!

John T. Fitch

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