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[APD] amano shrimp deaths... sign of something worse?


My tank was establish in January and i've had amano shrimp almost from
the beginning, and have never had a problem with any of them dying.

I got 2 Discus yesterday, and so i raised my temps from 20 degrees to
26 degrees. This morning i found 2 of my large amano shrimps dead....
I was wondering if the drastic temperature change had anything to do
with it... or whether it was the higher temperatures itself.  ....I
know i should have prepared my tank earlier for the discus, so that my
tank wouldn't have to go through such sudden changes, my bad.

Another thing, since i introduced the discus yesterday, i had my
lights and co2 turned off all day. This morning, when i got up, for
the 1st time ever, i saw all my fish near the surface of the water,
gasping for air. Normally during the day, my plants are bubbling
indicating my water is saturated with o2. It was surprising to see my
o2 levels drop so fast just from the lack of light yesterday. Did this
maybe contribute to the amano shrimps dying?

just concerned that the shrimp deaths may be a sign of something worse.


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