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[APD] Somebody call Guinness!!

Hi, everyone,

Horst E. Kipper and Kaspar Horst (the guys from Dupla) built a big one in Germany many years back. They called it "The Proving Ground". The tank, all 10,000 litres of it was highlighted in their book, "The Optimum Aquarium".

A few years ago, Takashi Amano of Aqua Design Amano set up one just as huge. But his tank, at 9000 litres is actually slightly smaller than the Dupla one. It sits somewhere in Nigata, Japan.

Now, somewhere in South-East Asia, the "Mother of all Planted Tanks" is being built. When completed, it will dwarf both the Dupla and ADA tanks. The filter chamber alone is going to be bigger than either of the 2 previous mammoth tanks. At its full capacity, the tank is designed to have a holding capacity of at least 200,000 litres of water. That would be almost 53,000 gallons, if you're an American.

If you like to know more, please go to:


Loh K L

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