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[APD] RE: Small 2 gal

> 1.  Does the chelated iron in plant fertilizers break down and rust
> when the water is aerated and should more be added to compensate for a
loss of 
> available iron?

Depends. Aeration might lower the redox in some cases.
I would not worry about it.

> 2.  Do I have to use flourescent lighting and stop aerating the water?

It would help. An Azoo clip on 7 w CP FL light would be nice.

> 3.  Can a tank that doesn't have enough plants be sustained by minimizing 
> nutrients?

Depends on what you want to call "sustained".
Generally no. Either go the non CO2 route or stick with the CO2 methods. 
Limiting nutrients while adding lots of CO2 is not going to work out well. 
Folks tried that for decades already. 

You also have a small tank which makes no sense to have CO2, RO and all
this work unless you plan to tend to it 2-4x a week.

If not, then you are setting yourself up.
I had a pair of non CO2 4 gal cubes. They were very easy to deal with,
never any algae and good plant growth.

All I do is feed fish and top off the tank with tap water and prune every
few weeks/months a little.
Small tanks need way too much trimming if you use CO2 etc. Some  folks
claim they don't mind.
Well, come back in a couple of years and see if the tank is still there:-)

Tom Barr

> Sincerely,
> George Mangen

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