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Re: [APD] CO2 won't dissolve- Update

S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:

> hmmmm....If it was air, might not the water be near
> saturation?

Right: plain air would stay in the reactor forever, virtually. But how did
the plain air get in the reactor? Since his CO2 rig was presumably bubbling
gas into the reactor prior to the 4 hrs he cut the solenoid off, and since
apparently no additional gas entered the reactor via the powerhead (the gas
volume didn't change), it seems like at least some of that trapped gas
should have dissolved if any of it was CO2. Even considering partial
pressure exchange between the gas and water, the fact that the gas volume
did not get smaller seems odd to me. Seems like any CO2 in there should have
at least partially dissolved faster than partial pressure could replace it
with gasses in the water. No?

Dan Dixon

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