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[APD] Re: Putting pressure on Eheim and


Great to see that you examined the ECCO to see how it works. You brought up
several things in your earlier post that I was uncertain of. I've tried to
reason my way through the question of why the unit malfunctioned so badly
when I did not follow the instructions, but I didn't so do some of the
poking and proding that is required to reveal the truth. After reading your
post, and going back to play with one of my ECCOs, I applaud your

Yes, there is nothing that would maintain pressure, positive or negative
inside the canister after disconnecting. The unit did make a nice little
spurt of water from the outlet valve when disconnected, which is probably
(as you mentioned) the real reason behind the order of operation given.
Note, keep a small towel handy at every tank.

I think now that the problem with the locks not moving when the lever is
moved may have been from moving too fast, gotta move that lever slowly. I
disconnected the filter, pump first, then valves, and it still opened when I
moved the handle slowly. Perhaps that is all it requires.

Ann Viverette, sheepishly reminding herself to test a theory before posting
it for all the world to see

> But the ease or difficulty of removing the pump from the
> canister shouldn't depend on which tube valve is closed
> first; there's no mechanical reason for it to be easier one
> way than the other. Once you remove the tubes, the pressure
> in the canister is the same 9equalized with the atmosphere)
> regardless of what it was before you removed the tubes. So
> any pressure in the cansiter before you removed the tubes
> can't put any greater pressure on the cams when you rotate
> the handle to remove the pumphead, given that you
> disconnected the tubes before trying to remove the
> pumphead.

> Scott H.

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