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Re: [APD] CO2 not dissolving

It whould have to be impure with something that doesn't
dissolve readily in water. I wouldn't put my money on it.

It wasn't clear why the gas is in the reactor, accumulation
or not.  CO2 levels will tell a lot. If the CO2 levels are
properly responsive to the injection, then the problem is
more like too much gas -- and perhaps too mcuh CO2 with a
lot being shed quickly, or a air leak in the system.

Scott H.

--- Dan Dixon <dandixon at mac_com> wrote:
> S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:
> > It sounds like CO2 is going into the reactor faster
> than it
> > can get out, but how do you know CO2 isn't dissolving?
> > Could it be you're just running the CO2 too fast? Have
> you
> > checked the CO2 level in the aquarium water? That's all
> > that matters as far as CO2 flow rates go. Bubble rates
> > don't mean doodlely-doo when you're setting up CO2 on
> an
> > aquarium.
> Actually, he didn't say that the accumulated gas is CO2.
> Assuming his pH
> solenoid is working right, the CO2 is in fact dissolving,
> which means the
> accumulated gas is something other than CO2.
>  IIRC, Tom's reactor chamber has a pint or so of volume.
> Assuming the Hagen
> 201 is really pumping 100 gph or so, I would guess that 1
> bubble/sec flow
> rate of pure CO2 would not result in any appreciable
> accumulated gas in the
> reactor. Seems more likely that either the CO2 tank
> contains impurities, or
> other gasses (like maybe oxygen bubbles from pearling
> getting sucked up by
> the pwerhead) are getting trapped in the reactor.
> Dan Dixon
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