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Re: Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 11, Issue 9Re: [APD] CO2 not dissolving

Scott said:

"It sounds like CO2 is going into the reactor faster than it
can get out, but how do you know CO2 isn't dissolving?"

I have the solenoid set to pop at 6.8, which should be about 25ppm with a KH of 5.  The pH is dropping, but doesn't maintain that level at 1 bps- it struggles.  Gas is accumulating slowly and steadily in the reactor, even overnight.  I get around 5" or better in 12 hours of use.

"Could it be you're just running the CO2 too fast? Have you
checked the CO2 level in the aquarium water? That's all
that matters as far as CO2 flow rates go. Bubble rates
don't mean doodlely-doo when you're setting up CO2 on an

For a 30g, I'm really seemingly using too much CO2 to hit the target.  This is a temporary setup until the 65 is ready, the filter creates some surface disturbance, is an internal Fluval that pumps a lot of water even when set to minimum.  Tonight I will drop it on its side to minimize loss through surface agitation and see what it takes to hit the target bubble-rate-wise.

The SMS constantly monitors the pH.  I have not double-checked it with a chemical test kit or my handheld.  I can do that when I get home tonight as well.  The reason for quoting the bubble rate is to find out if 100 or so gph _should_ dissolve all the gas in the reactor.  I'm trying to find out what's ballpark maximum for that flow rate so as to eliminate the gas as contaminated.  How much flow do you guys need to get the job done on, say a 75?  Can't you get 30ppm with one of these reactors?  I suppose I could turn off the gas once it's accumulated a few inches in the reactor and see if it dissolves. If it doesn't dissolve and the pH rises, I got something else in the cylinder with the CO2.  Is this a common thing?  This is my first time with pressurized, btw.

James Brady

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