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Re: [APD] CO2 not dissolving

S. Hieber at shieber at yahoo_com wrote:

> It sounds like CO2 is going into the reactor faster than it
> can get out, but how do you know CO2 isn't dissolving?
> Could it be you're just running the CO2 too fast? Have you
> checked the CO2 level in the aquarium water? That's all
> that matters as far as CO2 flow rates go. Bubble rates
> don't mean doodlely-doo when you're setting up CO2 on an
> aquarium.

Actually, he didn't say that the accumulated gas is CO2. Assuming his pH
solenoid is working right, the CO2 is in fact dissolving, which means the
accumulated gas is something other than CO2.

 IIRC, Tom's reactor chamber has a pint or so of volume. Assuming the Hagen
201 is really pumping 100 gph or so, I would guess that 1 bubble/sec flow
rate of pure CO2 would not result in any appreciable accumulated gas in the
reactor. Seems more likely that either the CO2 tank contains impurities, or
other gasses (like maybe oxygen bubbles from pearling getting sucked up by
the pwerhead) are getting trapped in the reactor.

Dan Dixon

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