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[APD] CO2 system question

A friend of mine recently heard of a $65 complete CO2 system. Includes solenoid, bubble counter, needle valve ... everything except the cylinder and reactor. Too good to be true? 

We'd like to verify the quality of the product because she may be interested in carrying that product at her aquarium store, if they can strike a deal with this company.  

My first concern was that the bubble counter was directly connected to the needle valve. I''d be concerned about fluid leaking into the regulator. I have a check valve between my needle valve and bubble counter submerged in the tank. 

If you've used this particular product, please let me know what you think of it. (If you're uncomfortable posting to the list, please email me directly.) 

If you have alternate recommendations, please let me know as well. 

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Shireen Gonzaga/Baltimore, MD
whimbrel at comcast_net
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