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[APD] Re: Eheim ECCO

I've got the ECCO as well but don't have to unplug the unit before closing
the valves.  It's a great little filter, and both quite (I sleep next to it)
and reliable...

This is what I do to work on it:

I first unplug the unit, then shut off both valves.  Move the lever down to
the half way mark to release the pressure.  Then I can unscrew the valves
from the head and push the lever down all the way to open it.  Give that a
try.  It's probably better for the motor...


> Funny thing about that ECCO, you have to close the IN valve, then close
> the
> OUT valve BEFORE you unplug the unit. This is very hard to do since it
> seems
> so wrong to let the filter run as you have shut off the water going in.
> But,
> if you do this, the lever and cam works just fine.
> I bought a pair of used ECCOs and recieved a small screwdriver along with
> instructions from the prior owner that if it got stuck to use the
> screwdriver to force the locks open. It sounded all wrong to me -- this is
> supposed to be a highly engineered device, it is supposed to WORK. So, I
> read the instructions.... It is very hard to resist the urge to unplug the
> unit before closing the valves, I keep the instrucitons propped in front
> of
> the ECCO so I have to look at them before I work on the filter.
> Ann Viverette

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