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Re: [APD] CO2 not dissolving

It sounds like CO2 is going into the reactor faster than it
can get out, but how do you know CO2 isn't dissolving?
Could it be you're just running the CO2 too fast? Have you
checked the CO2 level in the aquarium water? That's all
that matters as far as CO2 flow rates go. Bubble rates
don't mean doodlely-doo when you're setting up CO2 on an

Scott H.

--- "jebrady7 at juno_com" <jebrady7 at juno_com> wrote:
> I recently went to pressurized system on my 30g, which
> had been DIY CO2.  This is a Milwaukee setup complete
> with SMS 122 pH meter-controlled solenoid.  Running
> output into a Hagen 201 powerhead which goes into one of
> Tom Barr's homemade external reactors.  Flow rate on the
> Hagen is around 110gph.  Running 1 bps, I am getting
> accumulated gas that almost completely evacuates all
> water from the reactor.  I would have thought the flow
> rate was sufficient to dissolve the gas, but evidently
> not.  The only thing I can think of otherwise is that I
> have bad load of CO2 (e.g., not very pure CO2).
> Any thoughts on what the problem might be?  The system is
> going into a 65 pretty soon, so I will need to solve this
> expeditiously.
> thanks-
> James Brady
> mid-Hudson Valley
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