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Re: [APD] CO2 not dissolving

jebrady7 at juno_com at jebrady7 at juno_com wrote:

> I recently went to pressurized system on my 30g, which had been DIY CO2.  This
> is a Milwaukee setup complete with SMS 122 pH meter-controlled solenoid.
> Running output into a Hagen 201 powerhead which goes into one of Tom Barr's
> homemade external reactors.  Flow rate on the Hagen is around 110gph.  Running
> 1 bps, I am getting accumulated gas that almost completely evacuates all water
> from the reactor.  I would have thought the flow rate was sufficient to
> dissolve the gas, but evidently not.  The only thing I can think of otherwise
> is that I have bad load of CO2 (e.g., not very pure CO2).

Is your pH is dropping down where it should be? If so then it's probably
just as you said: an impure tank. I don't think it'll hurt anything, so long
as you periodically empty the accumulated gas from the reactor. Or you could
get a refill.

On second thought, how fast does the reactor evacuate? If the pH is dropping
as it should be at 1 bps and the reactor chamber is evacuating relatively
quickly, it might be that air is getting in there from somewhere else.

Dan Dixon

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