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Re: [APD] Filter versus Pump

I wasn't give relative weights onthe Eheims, I was jsut
noting it's particular problems. The Hagens are probably
more famous than most for having their own problems.

If the pump on your canister starts to get louder than
usual, first check/replace the shaft bearings and then the
shaft, and third the impeller.  The order is dictated by
what's most likely to wear out first and what's cheapest to
replace. Some manufacturers just sell all three as a unit
to replace at once. Those are all the "moving" parts of the
canister filter -- not counting the water itself, of course
;-) -- so they are the only things to wear out. Other parts
might break from undue stress but those are the only parts
that actually wear. O-rings and such generally will last
for years -- eventually they will "dry-out, lose resiliency
and crack. The only movement the pumphead Oring sees with
when you open/close the canister.

Scott H.

--- "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at fitchfamily_com> wrote:
> Whoa!  You people are beginning to make me think my
> Fluval 304 is not such a
> bad machine after all.  Priming?  Lubricating?  Worn out
> indicator ball?
> I've never experienced any of these problems.  . . .

> . . . And it does seem to hum a bit more than it used 
> to. 
> So...I'll probably
> end up following the clear concensus here that, when the
> time comes, I
> should replace it with an Eheim 2026.
> John T. Fitch
> www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html
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