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Re: [APD] Re: filter vs pump

You have to be careful when considering the size of eheim
to buy. The 2026 and 2028 have exactly the same pump --
exactly the same. The only diff between the filters is the
amount of media that canister will hold. If you are mnainly
interested inthe pumping, buy the smaller one. IF you're
mainly interested in holding a lot of what media holds,
then go for the bigger one.

The same is true for the smaller two models of the Eheim
Eccos -- bigger canister but same pump head, motor,
assembly.  Ehiem always rates it's bigger models with a
higher flow rate even if the pump is the same. It cannot be
that two filters with the same pump are rated according to
the same rules if the larger canister, which presents more
resitance to flow, is rated higher than the smaller
canister.  But hey are darn nice machines anyway,
regardless of the apparently mutable laws (of Eheim)
physics. ;-) That's all just my personal opinion, but you
can check out the part numbers on the filter parts yourself

The eccos are generally cheaper than the Professional or
Pro IIs. It's like an economy version of Eheim that
competes for the same market as Filstar, Hagen, and Via
Aqua. Just a tad louder but have built in priming
mechanism. Just based on value for the buck, I'd buy an
Ecco before a Pro/II model unless I got a really great
deal. I confess I have more than one of both. Any of the
Ecco models would work for a 30 gal tank.

Also, the Filstar canisters are much cheaper than Eheims. A
tad louder, like the Eccos but I've had a couple running
several years without any problems.

Scott H.

--- "John T. Fitch" <JTFitch at fitchfamily_com> wrote:
> Both Scott H. and Cavan have indicated that, although I
> might be able to get
> away without a filter and just use a pump, it's probably
> not a very good
> idea.  And both mention the Eheim as their first choice
> to replace the
> present Fluval 304, if and when it gives up the ghost. 
> Assuming I go along
> with their advice, my next question would be: Which model
> Eheim should I
> buy?
> I have a 30 gallon tank, sitting about 3 feet above the
> filter.  The pump
> must also push the water through a Lifegard heater module
> and an M3 CO2
> mixing jar, both of which I assume provide flow
> resistance.  In the case of
> the mixing jar, I have already enlarged the holes along
> the input tube,
> because my impression is that the original small holes
> not only
> significantly impeded water flow, but also tended to clog
> up rather quickly.
> So, would you recommend the Eheim 2026 or should I
> upgrade to the 2028?
> Thanks in advance.
> John T. Fitch
> www.fitchfamily.com/aquarium.html
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