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Re: [APD] Re: Some Rules of Thumb re Fluorescent Overdriving

Not quite. It doesn't mean overdriving is not a useful
method for some situations. It is a way of squeezing more
light into a given size. But, as with most things, returns
diminish with progression.

But also note that, as a rule, efficiency will reduce if
you underdrive the bulbs (although you might compensate for
that a bit by providing a higher ambient temperature to
maintain plasma temps inside the bulb). This might seem
contrary to some of the sales info out there, but if you
read between the lines or find out what the comparisons are
actually referring to, it isn't contrary at all.

Generally, overdriving squeezes more light out of a package
and underdriving squeezes more life out of the bulbs. But
you don't get a 1-to-1 return for your efforts, and the
farther you go in either direction, the less you get back.

Scott H.

--- Roger Miller <roger at spinn_net> wrote:

> So it sounds like you're *way* better off using more
> lamps with those ballasts 
> than you are overdriving a smaller number of tubes.  The
> more you overdrive 
> the worse this disadvantage becomes.

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