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[APD] Re:Gar


Do those fish look at all cramped to you? See the photo's or ask the folks
that came on the plant fest trip.
Answer => No.

Nor are they staying in that tank forever. 
None of my fish do. As they grow they get larger homes. 

Folks keep Arowanna's in planted tanks. Are they cruel?
They get 3ft in the tank. Vincent's Red Aro's looks mighty happy in his 180.
A friend has one about 18" and it's 6 years old now and it does quite well
in a planted 150 gal. 

Gar are not fast growers unless you feed them a daily goldfish etc. 
Nor are gar bad fish to keep if you have adequate acommodations. Yes, they
do get big(hence my 3ft comment from the Santa Fe river and your comment on
the obvious), therefore have a big tank and plan for that.

It's not a typically thought of fish for a plant tank, but there's no
reason why these fish cannot be kept in larger tanks that are planted.
Predators are seldom kept, but some are suitable. I did not say they are
good for smaller tanks.  

That's why I said we saw one 3ft long, as a warning to people. You will
need a big tank but this does not mean they are not suitable for such
larger tanks.
I have smaller babies in my tank and they will out grow that tank and be
moved to large quarters in a few years. But I'm moving and my friend now
has the gar anyway. I still think in a larger planted tank, they are very
nice fish, everyone calls them trash fish but they are nice looking.

Tom Barr

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