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>No matter how well the plants themselves are growing the BBA stays
>ahead.  I am quite sure that there is no limiting factor to plant growth
>other than light (around 3wpg).  Co2 is around 25-30ppm, Nitrates around
>10-15ppm and phosphorus around .1-.5ppm

>As an experiment last weekend (I got tired of pruning 500 grams of
>elodea weekly) I pulled the entire mass of that plant out of the tank.
>All of a sudden, I have no algae growth at all!  The other plants are
>happy and growing well.
>Why would removing a fast growing (nitrate sucking) plant from the tank
>make the tank less hospitable to BBA?   Nitrates were added to the tank
>previously (in the form of KNO3) to keep the elodea happy.
>Any and all analysis welcomed :-)

Your Elodea was likely using HCO3, this makes your CO2 readings appear
higher than are since this influences KH. Also, is this tank DIY CO2?
The CO2 needs to be this level all lighting peroid long and consistently
during the course of the week, not just the first few days after a water
change etc.
You stay with the same pH target but if the KH drops, and you are not good
about it's measurement, you can underestimate the CO2.

Continous CO2 at 25-30ppm during the lighting peroid will stop the growth
of BBA. You might want to say it does not, or think your CO2 measurement is
correct,  but I've done many times and it does work each time I've done it.
Many other folks can also attest to this and found this to be true.
Carefully measure both KH and CO2 right before the lights go off.
Is your CO2 less than 20ppm at any time during the course of a week at this
You have very little PO4, are you adding it?
If not, do so. 

NO3/PO4 had no influences of growth of BBA from my past test. Plants would
grow better, but the BBA still stayed from 0.0ppm to 30ppm of NO3 and
0.0ppm of PO4 to 2.0ppm.

Add some SAE's also. Trim off all that's there presently. Then make sure
your CO2 is in fact correct.  

Tom Barr

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