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[APD] Re: gar

Tom Barr writes:

We saw a  gar, about 3 feet long. 
No one has kept this native fish in planted tanks  for some reason. I think
they are well suited and have a very nice  personality

Maybe because it woud be hard-pressed for this three-foot long fish to turn  
around in most planted aquaria.  I see large fish at pet stores and think  how 
cruel it is that they have to twist themselves like a pretzel everytime they  
get to the other end of the tank.  The only non-public aquarium-type tank I  
have seen that this fish would be comforrtable in is the large fish display 
tank  at The Fish Place in North Tonawanda, definitely Western NY's premier  
lfs.  Was just back there again after ten years and it is a better  place than 
last time I was in.  Nothing here in Idaho comes  close.
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