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[APD] Looking for the voice of wisdom: Stagorn from hell

Hello Tom,

Getting desperate in my staghorn fight, so I am up for any creative advice
you have.  This has been going on for a few weeks now (major
re-scaping...new tank syndrome gone explosive) with NO progress.

30g oceanic cube
CO2: pressurized (hard to use KH/pH with all the driftwood, but can say I
recently backed it down because I saw signs of high levels with gasping
NO3: Dose 10ppm weekly 
PO4: Dose 1ppm weekly
K (not including KNO3 source): dose 7ppm weekly
Trace: Plantex CSM (3tbs/500ml) 2ml 5x/week
50% weekly water changes
Flora: C. Retrospiralis, C. lucens, Marsilea minuta, Anubias nana
Fauna: emerald eye rasbora, pygmy cory, SAE, oto, cherry shrimp, Amano

Getting desperate here so up for crazy ideas.  Unfortunately, I hear
blackouts are not effective with staghorn

Thanks for any advice!

BTW, awesome photos from plantfeast...made me jealous *L*

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