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[APD] Progress feels good

I just wanted to say thanks to Scott, and others who have helped me along
the way.  It's nice to have your advice (along with the books ;)) and thus
have more confidence in what I'm doing.  I'm not sure what I would have done
if I didn't know about the pH/KH table for gauging (though roughly, I'm
sure) the CO2 level.  To see the O2 bubbles develop under the leaves as they
photosynthesize more efficiently let's  you see relatively quickly the
effect your efforts are having.  Mind you I should have been more careful at
first.  CO2 buildup can happen quite rapidly if you're not careful...and I
hadn't realised pH could drop so quickly!  Bit worrisome, but I seem to have
the hang of it now.  Much of what I've read stressed keeping the bubbles in
as long as possible.

Or is everybody cringing at what I just said?

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