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[APD] Re:Plantfest

I made it back with a lot of interesting plants, mainly from the Fox River. There was a largish Echinodorus tenellus, a tiny Vallisneria, a red Myriophyllum, and a small Cyperus, all growing in shallow moving water. The Cyperis was submersed, and it will be interesting to see if it can adapt to an aquarium where the light is not so bright and the water not moving so fast. It looked a lot smaller than Cyperus helferi, but that could be the effect of the moving, shallow water. It will be interesting to see how the Val. takes to aquarium conditions. I imagine it will develop much longer leaves. Further down the river there was a very narrow-leaved Sagittaria, 'shoestring Sag.'. I think I have this species, and I know it is a good aquarium plant. Also in the Fox were Hydrilla (It's everywhere) and H. polysperma, looking very pretty submersed with reddish leaves near the surface. Interesting mosses, too, for moss lovers.

Paul Krombholz in sunny central Mississippi
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