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[APD] Hair grass, driftwood, plant tanks for sale

I have about 2+ square feet of very dense dwarf hair grass for sale and a
nice Bolbitus.

I also have some very nice pieces of driftwood.
One was in my 75 gallon tank, the other was collected this weekend.
Another is a piece of solid oak with lots of character.

I will post the photo's on picture trail for folks to have a look at and
then folks can make offers for them.
These are far beyond spectacular and would make awesome center pieces for a
75gal to 180 gal tank. 

I also have a 20, a 25 gal and a 75 customized tank for sale. Pick up only.

20 gal has:
Full flourite 35lbs or so.
110w of light(5000+8800K) open top design PC
Fluval 103
CO2 reactor
Tank, stand 


25 gal has:
Tank 25 gal tall, same foot print as a 20 gal H
Light, 6700K and 8800K 110w PC open top hood
Aragonite sand
Skilter 250
Hot Magnum
Ca test kit
Kalkwasser, 1 kg
CaCl2, 7 lbs
160 gal worth of salt


75 gal
Via Aqua 315 gph canister filter
CO2 reactor
Tank customized
200lbs of onyx sand
Hood light, 330 w, PC's, 5000, 6700, 8800K

Tom Barr

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