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[APD] RE: plant fest

>Indeed we had a great time. I'm sorry that I misside the Santa Fe River
trip. Probably the group was so anxious to get to the last stop that
couldn't wait for me on 
>Sunday. I got to the meeting point @ 8:15. I should blame only myself for
not getting in there on time. Any way I had a great time! 

Yes, you were missed! We realized it when we were most of the way there and
we stopped and asked what we should do. 
We called the motel but they said they did not have anyone with your name
there and we did not have your last name.
I am sorry, I got your note later. 
Normally people had been at the awful Waffle so we ran late most mornings,
but it was a wonder trip down the river at this time of year, better than
any other time I've been on the river.   

>We should all thank Tom for his generosity to spend all his  weekend to
show us all the beauty of Florida's streams. Not to mention the tons of
plants and fish that he 
>gave away for free.

Donations for the free 3 day guide are always appreciated!:)
Most found plenty of free things to more than make up for the trip.
>Sorry Ricky that you abandoned us to get driftwood. You would be surprised
to find out how much we got for free after you left. 

Yes, you missed out pal. I know what was at that other place.
Another close miss if you had stayed another 5 minutes you would have made
out better and then we went and found a lot more.
I had beat people back from taking all the wood we found.
Wait till you see the piece I found for free. It is incredible. Not sure if
I can sell it or not!

I think amano would love to come down here for this or Claus, Kasslemann

Tom Barr


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