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Re: [APD] Spoon Feeding vs. Look it up for yourself!

> Hmmmmmmmmm,  Daniel, is there a reason WHY you'd rather have others buy
> books, do the research, etc. and just spoon feed you information? The "I
> really prefer asking you guys rather than consulting books" line REALLY
> pisses me off.

Whoops. I'm sorry, but now I'm confused.

I spend a lot of time explaining at Swedish forums what I learn from this
list, over and over again without chopping the noobs heads off - alot
like spoon-feeding actually. The aquatic gardening hobby in Sweden
is in it's infancy, so a great deal of spoon feeding is necessary - and
it's worth it. I get new cool aquascape pictures from really young "noobs"
in my mailbox more and more often.

I thought a mailing list was about asking questions, but I guess my
question was a really noob-question or something.

I'm mostly into gardening/design and have a hard time with the chemistry -
especially when it comes to hardness/calcium/carbonates etc, and
now that my high-tech is running fairly smoothly I wanted to dive
into the low-tech-slow-growth tanks.

So a very specific answer means very much to me, as it's hard
puzzeling everything together.

> I'll remember that the next time you have a question - I'll give you the
> name of the book and the page to consult for your answer.

Ok, I have the Kasselman-book but havn't got around buying
Dianas book yet. I've browsed it and it looked very academic
and complicated, but I guess I will need it from now on.

// Daniel.
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