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[APD] RE: KH and no WC's

>   With a KH of 2.5, when can one expect to get 
>   carbonate-limited in a low-tech-tank without wc:s?

Low tech= non CO2 methods?

The KH is not going anywhere unless you remove biomass and also have HCO3
usage by the plants. 
This typically occurs with non CO2 plant tanks. Also, you add top off water
for evaporation weekly or biweekly.   
I use tap water for this.
If you use onyx, then this will supply some and you can also add some
Low light will also reduce the removal rate of HCO3.

>   Without wc:s I guess the carbonates eventually
>   are used up (lowering the KH?)?

Yes, but the rate is relatively slow and evaporative replacement water will
keep some KH in there.

>   What happens if one use bicarbonate as a coal-source
>   in these aquariums? Will the Na build up without
>   wc:s?

If you use the tap water, if often does not have a lot of Na. Some places
do. You can use potassium carbonate also. 
The tank still has CO2 from the air and it builds back up at night and
there's not a lot of light on these tanks in general either.

Tom Barr

>   // Daniel.

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